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The history of Mars
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 Giant Plateform

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PostSubject: Giant Plateform   Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:03 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Giant Plateform   Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:04 pm

The Drilling rig in great depth, called Big Quake, is one of the first set up by the Firm over Mars for the programme TEM.

“Big Quake” because its startup, its size and the
trepidations generated by its operation spin the seismic activities detectors.

It can receive 400 Terraformers for a full and
optimal running. It is a kind of mini city with its surgical unit, its canteen and even a cinema (although the latter
is infernal to look at a film with the coolness.)

The Work on Big Quake is, in all their years as a Terraformer, nightmarish: radioactive leak, gas and dusty saturation. Quite apart form the fact of a deep Martian and not studied substrate which can be a risk factor, trepidations and a terrible noise level.

Big Quake has a Drilling well (drill - A) vertical which can be automated and followed by a specialist driller. This last takes seat in the control cabin, kind of big room
with a monitoring armchair in suspension by harness. All occurs by video screens and joysticks. (archives notes): Mictana worked a short period for the restoration of the cabin of the principle drilling well).

The nuclear energy is supplied by four Kreators dismounted and modified. These four vehicles are located under Big Quake and make it possible to move the giant station.

The weight of Big Quake in full functional load is of 253.000 tons. The load of the tools and additional machineries can be grafted on plug-ins for a load of 27.000 tons. Its rate of travel per caterpillar is of 700 meters per hour (reduction by platform sectors).

Big Quake was recently used after more than 100 years of inactivity. A great depth drilling occured in emergency and in full war.

Further to the mission, Big Quake took the breath of ejection and the heat of a violent nuclear flow. The effect of blast melted the structures partially.

The station is unusable, the zone is dangerous. Under the structure the four Kréators damaged are unstable.
The left side of the carrying caterpillars went off, which makes impossible the migration of the giant station for a dismantling.

Anghorr Ahrtka of the crosschecking for the archives.
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Giant Plateform
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