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 Small ossuary

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PostSubject: Small ossuary   Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:31 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Small ossuary   Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:31 pm

The Rovers, during their exploration and their work of location by the Firm satellite (Colossus) positioning, can find objects and bring back them.

It is the case of human remainders.

The storms cover or discover these tombs and often handle the corpses of Terraformers fallen.
Martian dust abrades all, continuously, without delay.
The Life-suits are polished, then worn, then corroded up to the final decay per small pieces. Certain alloys are more resistant against the natural devastation of the Martian weather.

The owner of the Rover which discover it can decide to resell the human remainders to the Firm.
The bones will be DNA analyzed to transmit information to the missing Terraformer's family.

It happens that certain Terraformers decide to preserve the human remainders.
This morbid act belongs only to their free will.

At the beginning, often, that starts with a cranium. If this last is polished by the elements, it represents a source of questioning: some find it decorative and it's put in the logistic Bunker.
But sometimes certain craniums are still frozen, freshly discovered by a storm and the interior temperature in a Bunker accelerates the thaws and the putrefaction of the flesh.

If the Terraformer doesn't want to live in a terrible bath of odor of mass grave and bacteria, he must store the bones outside.

As time goes by, a small ossuary is risen and, in general, Terraformer builds a basin to avoid abrasion. According to the case, he piles up or arranges the bones meticulously.
The extreme negative temperatures of Mars often preserve the human remainders.

There exist several dangers with this attitude.

- The Firm points out that the traffic of relics and human remainders is proscribed.

- A mass grave is bacteriological source of contamination and it raises questions of ethics.

- The dead Terraformers brought back in one or per pieces have all something different (an electronic implant, tattooings, grafted ritual objects). It's proving that over Mars, the unknown evil esoteric phenomenoms can involve the curious or lethal transformations.

- The Terraformers called the “marrowsuckers” provoke sometimes wars to increase the size of their ossuary.

Many Terraformers located in possession of an ossuary explains that they hear muffled moanings or noises brought by the wind.
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Small ossuary
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