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PostSubject: Psychobob.   Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:32 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Psychobob.   Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:33 pm

Psychobob was born in the worst survival squat that

can exist over Mars.
His father is unknown and the DNA filing detected
only that of his mother. The father's one remaining
also unknown for the crosschecking service of the
Firm, he should be written in the stellers listed
for the program TEM.

His mother, according to her joint tenant says,she
was insane for a long time and completely addict to
the various space drugs (those which remove the
space sickness).

This is the Disciple of the High command himself,
present during a cleaning of den by the hygien
services of the Firm, which would have seen the
auro around this baby (according to the rumors of
the people present at this moment). He would
approach to take him in his arms and to talk to

The mother was interned in a hospital service but
didn't remain a long time on the spot. She escaped
one night and succeeds in crossing the various
airlocks. She'll be found nightdressed, outside.
Her corpse, damaged enough, was discovered early in
the morning hunched in front of the airlock of
communication; The medics of the Firm performed a
quick autopsy and incinerated it after 24 hours.
The funeral urn left to join one of the large
Martian ossuaries (note of line 54 - site 7:
Kipini ossuary).

Psychobob was placed in one of the poles of
education of the Firm and it went to enlarge the
children of Mars' Troops, these hopeless orphans,
left alone, these children whose Terraformers
parents disappeared at the mercy of a storm or an
abrupt failure from an old Life-suit.

One cannot say that he stay a long time to heat the
metal benches of the preparatory classes. Psychobob
quickly appeared rather exceptional, not that he
was like Einstein but he quickly understood two
things: how walk the striker of a pump shovel and…
how to throw far a Marsball metal ball.

Called a long time Bobby or Boy (his true name
being unknown), "Psychobob" will be reknown

Sanctuary, one of the young famous Disciples at
that time (the Disciple of the High command's
brother), took care of Psychobob from time to time
at least invited him in his Metal Temple, but to
Terraform and to play Marsball occupied its
thoughts, and he didn't care about the Great

One can ask the following question indeed: After
the Discple of the High command, why a second
Disciple wish to inflect his destiny?
Sanctuary… heavy consequences? Nobody really knows,
he was one of the first fans of Psychobob, that
this last would have his support and his metal

14 years… his first Marsball championship victory,
never seen before!

Psychobob was precociously put under the fire of
the media, and around his person born a true
worship on behalf of his fans from which he never
have an interest, remaining always fascinated by
Terraforming and Marsball.

To terraform, Psychobob was not truly an elite
His difficult character closed him many interesting
working sites. The number of vehicles which he
damaged is too high besides to hold a list of it.
On the other hand, to drill in great depth and to
handle explosive was his trick. Then Marsball
absorbs him completely.

He made a deep impression in the Marsball play
style all over the Metal Arenas he played during
thirty years. According to the crosscheckings,
Psychobob should have today in the 52 years.
The number of the wounded people, even of deaths
which he did during his amazing career is
staggering. It is now an undeniable legend but
still controversial.

Psychobob is build like the side of a house.
The Crowd watches him only on TV screens at the
time of the Marsball's match, but face to him, it's
an other thing:
It releases according to the says, an
unquestionable fear.
His musculature is also not very usual raises
questions, indeed it's rare for a human kind to be
also fast and to be able to lift up such heavy
Psychobob remains the only person to stay a few
minutes exposed to negative temperatures on the
martian cold, wearing a single Tee-shirt for

He has a faculty of regenerating himself and
according to the advertizing studios, he doesn't
breath during filming.

All those which wanted to be Dudes wearing a
Tee-shirt to imitate their idols died in violent
convulsions and hemorrhages. The Martian pressure
doesn't forgive this kind of attitude.
Certain Marsball's balls made with a hollow design
have the Psychobob prints encrusted on their
matter. What he holds is never dropped.
The Drilling's Bar has also some marks of his

Some particular characteristics:

- Chaotic/neutral Alignment (+40 if blow took to
his advantage, with severe organic malus for the
- combat technics: street bunches but predilection
for air-Gatling (his strength allows him, Psychobob
always carries one in shoulder-belt), irradiated
projectiles, he seems to be immune to the
- He has a powerful object and probably two, The
knowledges tells about old relics.

A STAR in fact, a true Marsball Star ! He has what
one names the popular statute of Infamous (and that
be liked).
Apart from unthinkable fortunes that he earns with
matches and various advertizing contracts various,
Psychobob remains an Élite athlete.
On the other hand, his implication with the B.O.S.S
remains mysterious and often misunderstood. God of
the stadiums stay dumb on this subject (his press
officers contradict any implication) but its
affiliation with them is proven.
Sometimes he comes to sign or give some easy ways
to his fans, and he can always raise whole crowd.

The Psychobob's statistics are available for any
interested people.
Size: 1,98 m
Weight: between 100 and 117 kg
A memorandum must be added thus that the
Terraformation file of this person.
(don't forget the orange file)

B.Slavomir for the stepping
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