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The history of Mars
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 Putrefied Hearts

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PostSubject: Putrefied Hearts   Sat Feb 16, 2008 1:27 pm


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The Archivist

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PostSubject: Re: Putrefied Hearts   Sat Feb 16, 2008 1:28 pm

Memorandum about these strange Relics.

It exists some Tribes over Mars.
Although their existence is hidden, they are a reality.

Disperced and forgotten, these clans survive thanks to barter.
Composed on average of a dozen individuals in a tribe, these clans wander on the surface or under the surface of Mars.
Often parasitized or enlightened, their intellectual regression is especially maintained…

One of the reasons of their survival in the Martian hell is that they don't go out and stay confined in old survival Bunkers, underground cavities became air-tight, terraforming abandoned machines….

The putrefied Hearts come into large part from these bunches.
A tribal knowledge has been developed over a gestural, marked by esotericism and voodoo with harmful goal.

These Clans survive only thanks to other Clans which know where to find these relic manufacturers.
Indeed they maintain them alive (by drip systems or protein injection, according to the elements found in caches).
It is always them which check the apparatuses which distill oxygen in the old Bunkers or natural cavities…

A worrying human evolution, a more elaborate group maintains alive people who are sunk into bestiality.
In exchange of a primitive and esoteric knowkedge, they bring them the oxygen, the heat and calorie intakes to survive.

Technology and survival in exchange to Relics.

Which Clan would be most harmful?
Surely the one who brings to primitive tribes corpses.
It is true that Mars, since hundred years of colonization, have lot of these…
We also speak about disappearances, Terraformers volitilized during the work, captured and shot down like vulgar spare parts or why not like game.

The drips are expensive and are difficult to steal or to intercept, that's why cannibalism facts are noticed.

I will supplement this note later because a third clan interacts with both, it's a relatively recent crosscheking.
An infiltration will be considered with trained personnel but that will be difficult.
I finish this memorandum because alarm sounds again, Syndicat B.O.S.S has just captured ,rather young and inexperienced Terraformer.

Great Disciple of the High command.
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Putrefied Hearts
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