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 All-out Nuke

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PostSubject: All-out Nuke   Sat Feb 16, 2008 1:38 pm

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PostSubject: Re: All-out Nuke   Sat Feb 16, 2008 1:39 pm

This is a further information on the nuclear force which the Syndicates Boss use.
There were few evolutions compared to the terrran atomic competitions in the years 1939-1966 the form or the massive structure.

The nuclear weapon is a weapon of massive destruction but especially it's a nuclear deterrent.
It produces a large amount of energy through nuclear fusion reactions

There are several kinds of the types of bombs:

The A-Bomb (Uranium and plutonium).
The H-Bomb (Fusion of light cores, for example Hydrogen).
The Neutron Bomb (Neutrons Radiation).
The Bomb B.O.S.S technology (not understood to date).

The Syndicates' Bombs are in fact of Minis-Nukes of structural radiological Bomb.
It is a tactical nuclear weapon known as dirty.
The effect Blast is similar to a type of atomic bomb with the very powerful heating effect.

The zone is contaminated and the material roasts under radiations.

Nuke is launched from the dome of a Syndicate Headquarters Bunker if the Boss is present and has enough Charisma.

The radiations spread out for 15 days. Take care about who you engage in your Syndicate. An irradiated member can contaminate the structures. One Nuke attack can be worth two so men exposed to an atomic radiation are present in a Syndicate which doesn't have suffered from Nuke attack.

One talk about Terraformers irradiated voluntary sacrifice themselves for the glory of their Syndicate which are engaged as mole.

It would be necessary to see at the political and industrial level how to modify the internal rules but the Syndicates dislike that one damage their structures.

If the radioactive level of a Zone is too high, the Firm can intervene for a decontamination of the personnel and the structures.

Radiations affect the material, the buildings and the organizations and have a so harmful effect that upgrades can be lost, the too damaged material is downgraded on its former technological level.

I had proposed a moratorium on planetary general Nuke to raise the temperature but the professor is in my light. I am sure, he is jalous about my ideas.

Murphy, assistant of professor Gottfried von Dobrshejewiser.
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All-out Nuke
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