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 Big Quake breath

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PostSubject: Big Quake breath   Wed Feb 27, 2008 7:57 pm

Wind : Big Quake breath

Trade wind type of stream

From 12 to 42 km/h.

This wind is called Big Quake breath. This alternative stream coming from Terra Sirenum or from Alba Patera always passes by the gigantic radioactive blaze which is Big Quake. A part of the harmful radioactivity which is there is carried according to this alternative stream. One tells that with the carried radioactivity, curious ghosts come out of the ground in front of the concessions irradiated by this wind. The visibility is average, the atmosphere is like "disturbed”. A good level 20 Life-suit protects effectively from this type of strong radioactivity. It improves also the view.
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Big Quake breath
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