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 Gloomy grounds

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PostSubject: Gloomy grounds   Thu Mar 06, 2008 5:10 am

Wind : Gloomy grounds

North wind type of stream

From 64 to 95 km/h.

This stream often causes crises of madnesses or hysterias. It comes from far end of the Gloomy Grounds. One tells that this air leaves from the corrupted lungs of Mictlan and that this vitiated stream is rejected by the Column. A level 14 Life-suit is enough to be protected from the radioactivity brought by this wind but also to filter the bad shock waves which disturb the Helm picture's recalculation, the level 16 strongly improves the visibility on this type of wind. The visibility is bad, this stream is aggressive, turbid and radioactive
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Gloomy grounds
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