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The history of Mars
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 Argoth the Rancorous

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PostSubject: Argoth the Rancorous   Sat Feb 16, 2008 11:47 am


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PostSubject: Re: Argoth the Rancorous   Sat Feb 16, 2008 11:47 am

erraforming in margin of the others si difficult, but here a man who illustrated himself with a very particular feat: a precise shooting with a success rate of more than 98% !

Argoth the rancorous one is not a mars child. He comes from an orbital colony, one of these hovels revolving around the Earth, and would have been born there.

He likes to declaims lines, proses and often quote Baudelaire or Rabelais.
I don't know if he is intelligent, this can be a true madness or an exceptional memoristic capacity.
His taste related to individualism and darkness often drew him aside from the associative circles and mutual aids.
He is a kind of free electron, paid by the Firm who take advantage of all opportunities.
He was implicated in small poisoning files, kinds of bottom-of-range contracts who have given to him the nickname of "Venom". IT was one of its prefered tricks : to instill poison into dishes, drinks, tricks like Borgia did.

Classified as feeble minded by certain medical communities, he specialized him in the handling quay's vehicules.

Argoth, according to the most recent Firm census would have an extremly powerful Kreator modified but also excessivly expensive to maintain at least by only one man.

One of his distinctive signs is a Desert Eagle, also modified (the legend tells that his shooting capacity is to ten bullets which turns this weapon into an unique one).

We can note an interesting historical detail and almost unknown in connection with this weapon. It would have been entirely assembled by a considered craftsman in one orbital hovel (I'll find you the name, Mr Slavonir, that begin with Goth...or something like that and an impronounceable name.

It's told that instead of a usual metal, on one of the face of the grip, is inserted a particular metal resulting from a very old war engin, a kind of harmfull relic left deep in forgotten graves.

The craftsman would have left about fifty files thes (always according to the legend) and wouldn't have succeeded in erasing tiny serial numbers.

Drilling the armor plating would have taken several months: indeed, he was obliged to await a mining laser in transit in a cargo liner-compartment.
Bribing the guardsmen as well as the Dockers cast was quite as difficult as to open the twenty cases of the mining laser of 5 MW (an industrial mining laser costs in the 89.500.00 Temis and weighs 24 tons once assembled).

Opening the cases, finding the heads of the system with impulse MW, disconnecting them, assembling a beam diverter MW of 2mm, and finally managing to bore the unknown armor plating, all that had to be made in a nice state of stress and tensions.

Argoth and the craftsman made a success of there deal, the plate was bored and adjusted with the Desert Eagle.
The months passed and Argoth continued its life while going from orbital hovel in orbital wrecks.

All occurred well until the history from the Soochow site over Mars.

It is stipulated in a brown acreditation report, a mining laser had a failure whereas it was in a working process for analyzes.

There were deaths, and the trust The Firm which had the contracts of exploitations of the Red would have lost one of its eminent drilling specialists.

The Firm doesn't like too much that one touches with his material and the expertises raised the prints of certain Argoth Iztlactli alias the Poisonous one, the Hostile one or the rancorous one, according to its life places.

Since this, the Firm has found him in space and now he lives on the Red. It should be noted that Mars would be the first planet on which Argoth would have walked.

The Firm leaves it apart from the life zones, in the faraway plains. It appears obvious that Argoth has a debt but no information filtered.

It is also told that he would be cantilevered with the Large Director, he would be compromised with the B.O.S.S, in short whom it would be compromised over Mars, in space and even in ťons.

In fact, he should be avoided like the plague, this type is dangerous.

Anathagor, infiltrator released from blame working for the Firm.
(I announce you that the difficulties of information exonerate me seven months. With your good recall).

obscure points : weapon payment. With what the craftsman was paid for by Argoth ? I have assumptions, they are slipped into the three craniums accreditation.
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Argoth the Rancorous
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