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The history of Mars
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PostSubject: Betrayal...   Sat Feb 16, 2008 11:50 am


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PostSubject: Re: Betrayal...   Sat Feb 16, 2008 11:52 am

The Behemoth as well as the Kreator with there huge frame are too bulky and there expensive price are not adapted to explore Mars.
Betrayal is an excellent armored vehicle to venture out of the concessions.

It is filled of Hydrogen and functions with a central turbine.
The frontal neuralgic part is protected by railings and armour plated.

Betrayal can climb steep slopes and roll in extreme sectors (carbonic ice or sharp-edged rifts)
A compartment is designed at the bottom to store material or men according to missions.

The Firm repurchased a whole stock of downgraded world war two vehicles for a very low price found in the huge old armies warehouses.
Enormous space cargo liners discharged thousands of spare parts.

The spare parts were resoldered, plunged in electrolysis'baths increased by leading-edge technology. The hydrogen turbine engines have been equippeded with a power Unit 2 or 4x4 according to the pilot's choice.

The oxygen'production and recycling system in the cockpit as well as airtightness problems caused some unhappy death during the tests.
So the vehicle name comes from this history.

Terraformer driving a Betrayal have to check that the oxygen reserves are full and his life-suit is perfect condition.
If the exit parameters are up, the Terraformer will be able to drive and explore as long as his life-suit level will allows him.

A Betrayal is practical, as long as the Terraformer remains in life with oxygens reserves and a fully repeared life-suit.

A small pressurized compartment allows him to preserve food intakes. Any Terraformer can put in his food or put back his food if he leave or go back to his bunker.

Driving alone across Mars in this sort of vehicle is right to pioneering soul or perhaps of hothead. Is's like playing four wheeled Russian roulette.

You must be a good pilot and have a good mechanic level. Don't forget to take spare parts in case of breakdown.

A breakdown in the deep desert is fatal, the error cannot exist.

Your life-suit depending on its condition will hold you in life. Perhaps will you be able to reach the nearest Hydrogene pump if you have run out of gas but.

A detailed explanation of asphyxiation can be found in the medical files.

If you break down, repair quickly.
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