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 Cranium Liquor

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PostSubject: Cranium Liquor   Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Cranium Liquor   Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:01 pm

The Cranium liquor

It is a morbid object whose the use reveals a monstrous deviance for Terraformers which manufactures these objects.

To tell the truth, in fact we should talk about casts instead of Terraformers.

The Cranium Liquor is a Voodoo Artefact, a powerful Artefact.
It is a Terraformer Cranium found over Mars and this last is modified.
A metal cap made up Terraformer’s helm parts is screwed to the Cranium circumference.

The interior is made tight thanks to a kind of pitch which fixes a round flask out of glass.

The flask is filled up with this famous “Cranium Liquor” whose composition isn’t already deciphered.
A small tap located on a pipe which appears between the jaws can be activated to make run the sticky liquid.

The Cranium Liquor is used by Terraformers which was mislaid on the surface of Mars.
Sometimes wounded, Turbine break down in Betrayal or a serious puncture the destiny is pitiless.

A simple run out of hydrogen tank and the life stop, in wide deep desert, Terraformers can only contemplate his inescapable end, alone and often terrified.

Seeing his death coming at great steps, each minute bringing him closer to the eternal sleep can provoke terrifying decisions.
Terraformers sees his broken down vehicle and all around him, the immense red plains at - 69°

His Terraforming Life-suit enumerates the remaining minutes of oxygen, then the seconds… then the reserve at zero is reached.

Losing his life by asphyxiation is an absolute horror especially locked up in heavy Life-suit.
The victim is shaken sudden starts and violent spasms.
The skin becomes blue, the rib cage burns and the anguish of the last moment submerges all.

To avoid this there exists a findable Voodoo Artefact in the black-market.
Terraformers wedged in No mans Land has still a choice, he can drink a Cranium liquor.

Once the ingestion carried out, the vision scrambles then nothingness recovers Terraformers like a shroud.
The Cranium Liquor preserves the brain of the 3 minutes damage related to a defective air supply and protects tissues while mixing with blood circulation.

There still remains Great mysteries over Mars, particularly the Necro-surgeons’ Caste.

The rumours tell that the members of this caste “feel” the moment when a Cranium Liquor is drunk and come to seek the body with a special marker provided by their own geostationary satellite. It is a very rich caste, perhaps corrupted remainders of the old Mostra Cartel.

They recover the body to bring it in their concessions and to proceed to minor ablations or grafting.
The worship of living tissue are part of their dogma then…

The Necro-surgeons can incise the body, scrape a bone, take a piece of tissue, sometimes engrave symbols on the floating ribs with micro drills whose abrasion’s powder is aspired and recovered with preciosity.

The body is purged of the Cranium Liquor.

The Terraformer awakes after 24h or 48h in his Bunker without loosing skill points..... but with a small surgical incision on the body.

If Terraformers is broken down and that nobody can save him in time and he doesn’t have a filled up Cranium Liquor, nothing left him to face his death with courage and honour.

In this case the rescue squads will repatriate the body, identify the concession then entrust the corpse to the crimsons Disciples of the Firm for an incantation of life.

The Terraformers will randomly loose some skill during his anguish in a final way.

The Firm recommends for all the Terraformers to avoid illegal trade with impious Artefacts.
The Cranium liquor is contemptible and the surgery scars of the Necro-Surgeons Caste hide surely wretched things.

For any Terraformers leaving on mission, ensure you to have an additional set of tyres, reserves of air and hydrogen to supply the Turbine.

Let’s Watch the weather and don’t leave for several days, each kilometer in the deep desert increases the risks.

Never get out of your vehicle! Remain sheltered inside!
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Cranium Liquor
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